The Beauty of Nantasket Beach, Hull, Mass.

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Article and photo by Eric H.
Nantasket Beach in Hull, Mass., is best associated with the former Paragon Park. All those amusements provided many years of joy for locals and vacationers, and memories of an endearing summer of eternal youth. Paragon Park has been gone since 1984 with some remnants still in place like a carousel, an arcade and souvenir shops, but what truly remains is the innate beauty of Nantasket Beach. After all that time being associated with Paragon Park never really allowed us to focus on just the beach. And what a great stretch of beach it is, possibly one of the best outside out of Cape Cod.  For just a nominal parking fee, the couple of miles of beach here is simply one of the places to be to relax during the waning days of summer vacation here in New England.


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