Tasmanian Wilderness

Tasmanian Wilderness is a spectacular place to visit in Australia. It is one of the largest temperate wilderness areas remaining in the Southern Hemisphere. It was enrolled on the World Heritage List last 1982 and in 1989. Started May 2007, Tasmanian Wilderness becomes one of the destinations for foreigners.

The area of Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage covers approximately 1.38 million hectares and contains almost twenty percent of the area of Tasmania. In this island, you can see the deepest and longest caves in Australia. And since this is Australia, you are going to expect a wide variety of flora and some of the longest lived trees and tallest flowering plants in the world only found in this area.

The Tasmanian Wilderness is made up of different parks and other reserves:
  • Cradle Mountain
  • Lake St Clair
  • Southwest National Park
  • Wild Rivers National Park
  • Hartz Mountains
  • Mole Creek Karst National Park (part)
  • Walls of Jerusalem National Park
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area
  • Devils Gullet State Reserve
  • Liffey Falls State Reserve (part)

If you are planning to visit one or all of them, guides of Tasmanian Wilderness are willing to tour you around. In Lake St Clair you can witness a nice landscape encompassing indented mountain peaks, icy streams, ancient rainforest, and glacial lakes. During winter, snow covered the area of Hartz Mountains. But you will amaze with the waterfalls that surround the park and with beautiful and abundant wildlife once the snow melts in late spring.

Activities in Tasmanian Wilderness

The Tasmanian Wilderness offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities ranging from extended walks through to half hour strolls.


There are over 1,000 kilometers bushwalking tracks and routes in the Tasmanian Wilderness and the numbers are increasing every year. Some of the famous tracks are the Overland, Frenchmans Cap and the South Coast. With plenty f interesting sights and activities to do along the way, this will definitely be an exciting trip.


Campsites scattered around the Tasmanian Wilderness for affordable overnight fees.

After the tiring walking and camping, the next exciting activity would be angling. The popular fishing areas in Tasmanian include Lake Pedder, Lake St Clair and the Gordon River.

Rafting and Kayaking

You will enjoy seeing spectacular scenery in Tasmanian for 12 days wilderness rafting.


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