Navy Island: A Package of Adventure & Fun!

The white sand beaches on Navy Island don't get too crowded when they are open to the public, making this spot a great place to enjoy Jamaica's shores. Navy Island used to boast tranquil beaches and prime underwater viewing for the adventurous type.

Those searching to find a secluded spot in Jamaica could find that Navy Island suits them perfectly. Not too far from any cities, but you won't be too far from the beaten path, you'll discover a great middle ground.

Jamaica's beaches are hardly known for their seclusion, however, this beach is a little more secluded than many, but is not the most urbanized beach. You won't have far to go to reach Navy Island.

For some visitors the level of activity at a beach and its amenities can be the most important attributes. Others feel that getting the chance to spend a day in the sun and experience seclusion is extremely important. There are plenty of beaches in Jamaica, and you may decide that Navy Island is precisely the type of beach you most enjoy.


This delightful beach is located on Jamaica's eastern coast, 0.8 miles from Lighthouse in Port Antonio. Navy Island is close to Berridale, so you can explore the town after your visit to the beach.

Nearby Hotels

The number of other vacationers sharing the beach can vary widely -- it depends on when you visit. The beach is not located next door to any large hotels but it is often visited by visitors from smaller hotels in the area. Those hoping to stay close to this beach can certainly find a spot.

Amenities and Ambiance

Prime attractions on Navy Island are the beaches and accompanying waters, where one can swim and explore the beautiful clear waters, play on the white sand beaches, or indulge in water sport activities. Guests can also choose to stay in the African cottages on the island or dine in some of the casual restaurants, notably the Jamaican dishes at the Admiralty restaurant.

The number of people at the beach is affected by a few things, including the season and time of day. Some of Jamaica's beaches may rarely be crowded, while others are often crowded particularly when tourism season is as its peak. An important thing to remember when considering a day at the beach might be, at least for some vacationers, the crowds you'll meet. While some like a crowded beach with plenty of people and activity, some prefer to just hear the sounds of the surf.

Like many places in Jamaica this beach has a distinctive personality which will attract certain visitors. The special qualities of this beach are rather different from what you'll experience at other beach locations in Jamaica. With a good mix of secluded spots and local entertainment, restaurants, and lodging, Navy Island attracts a healthy size crowd even though it can only be reached by boat.


Visiting the beach can be a wonderful way to get close to some of nature's most beautiful works, but there are also other natural sites and attractions worth visiting. Rio Grande Rafting, located 3.2 miles to the southwest of Navy Island, for example, can provide a nice addition to your day at the seaside.

If you're interested in finding out more about the history of Jamaica there are opportunities nearby. For example Lighthouse in Port Antonio is located 0.8 miles to the northeast of Navy Island.

Hence, Navy Island is one package of adventure and fun!


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