World Travel Guide To Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is recognized as one of the most livable and progressive countries in the world. Hence, a visit to Zurich for a vacation is the best way to experience how it is like to live Swiss style. Indeed, travelers are fond of this city because it has an old glamour and modern city vibe rolled into one so you can experience the best of both worlds. Read more of this world travel guide to learn more about the best things that you can do while in the city.

Experience a trip down memory lane with some of Zurich's oldest historical sites. There are over 40 museums in the city that lets you get a first-hand look at famous historical or cultural artifacts. If you are interested to know a little bit about the history of Zurich, don't miss a trip to the Museum of Art or the Swiss National Museum. But if you are looking for a contemporary gallery, make sure to visit Zurich West. Meanwhile, delight in the stained glass windows and other art masterpieces of Chagall at the Church of Our Lady (Fraumunster) and The Great Church. Also, you should not miss Kunsthaus, which is a pre-eminent cultural landmark of Zurich wherein breathtaking artworks are on display in this gallery.

If you're in for some leisure, Zurich world travel guide suggests you visit the Zoological Garden. This modern zoo features exotic animals from various parts of the world. There are also different programs scheduled on the zoo daily, so you will have something new to look forward to with each visit. And if you like to marvel at nature's beauty and wonder, another must-see tourist attraction is Rhine Fallss. This is very accessible from Zurich and offers free admission. Thus, you have no reason to not check out Rhine Fallss, which is quite possibly one of the most awe-inspiring sights you could lay your eyes on.

And speaking of natural beauty, you don't want to miss a visit to the Swiss Alps when you have vacation in Zurich. It is ideal for tourists with active pursuits as you can do plenty of things here such as ski, hire, walk, or swim. Or, if you are a passive tourist, then you might want to savor the view of Uetilberg or Lindenhof.

If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, check out some of Zurich's city beach resorts for a relaxing way to end your day. Strandbad Mythenquai is one of many resorts that are situated along the Lake Zurich wherein you can bathe in the sandy beach or head on out for swim. Another relaxing way to spend your day in Zurich is to head to Belvoir Park to have a picnic, or explore astronomical attractions via the huge telescope at the Urania Observatory.

Surprisingly, Zurich also offers a promising shopping adventure. Bahnhofstrasse is the most famous center in the city for world-class shopping and important banks. In fact, pedestrian would often clog the side street as they scour the shops looking for the best shopping deals. But if Bahnhofstrasse is out of your budget range, try the Burkliplatz flea market wherein you can find random goods to pick up.

As soon as you are done shopping, head to Zurich West where the party is at. There are a seemingly endless array of clubs in the area or drop by Niederdorf, which is also a well known neighborhood bustling with clubs and bars to hang out on. But here is one tip to keep in mind before you're tempted to go bar-hopping in Zurich: stick to one nightclub. The admission fee to these clubs can be quite steep and that is still exclusive of drinks.

Zurich is a charming, quaint city that fulfills its promise and offers more. Use this world travel guide to help plan your vacation and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Experiencing Majestic Prague

Prague in Czech Republic has, for a long time, been shrouded in gothic mystique. But in a span of two decades or so, it has finally established itself as one of the must-visit cities in Europe, as well as the world over. It has slowly but surely built its name from a backpacker's secret to the ultimate tourist getaway in Central or Eastern Europe. There is a never-ending array of surprises that await you with a visit to Prague, so make sure to read more of this world travel guide to start planning your trip.

Here is the top ten things you can spend your time on for the ultimate Prague getaway:
  1. Go sightseeing. Prague is one of Europe's most picturesque cities with numerous architectural landmarks. Indeed, it seems as though the city is a fairy tale landscape that came to life. Make sure to bring your camera so you can capture and look back on these beautiful and astonishing views of the city. You have the option to explore the city yourself or participate in guided walking tours.
  2. Watch the sunrise/sunset at Charles Bridge. In 1357, King Charles IV commissioned for this bridge to be put up. This stunning bridge remains a huge part of Prague's history today and is often frequented by historically-inclined tourists wherein you can witness 30 Baroque statues. There is also a horde of vendors here flocked by tourists who want to sample local treats while enjoying the view of the Vltava River. To make the most of this experience, visit at dawn or dusk to watch the sunrise or sunset.
  3. Chug down some beer. Prague is best known for its beer, which is the best yet most affordable in Europe. Make sure to check out one of its many pubs to get a local sampling. This is the best way to get a taste of the local culture, literally.
  4. Experience the rough-and-rumble Prague nightlife. Fancy nightlife isn't the thing in Prague; rather, you will get a rough-and-rumble experience that is all about the drinks and beers served in plastic cups.
  5. Witness Cerny's controversial sculptures. David Cerny is Prague's most popular sculptures who has created a few controversial artworks. If you are interested to witness them first-hand, make sure to explore the city as you can find them sprawled throughout.
  6. Revel at the Old Town Square. Prague's Old Town Square managed to stay untouched despite several invasion attempts way back in the 10th century. Today, the site is filled with al fresco dining places and tourists admiring architectural landscapes and sights in the area. When you visit here, be treated to local musicians and dance troupes rounding the streets.
  7. Tour Petrin Hill. If you are looking to catch some fresh air, head on over to Petrin Hill. This is recognized as one of Prague's greenest sights wherein you can also experience its landscaped gardens, mirror maze, and a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower.
  8. Check out local music talent or shows. There is a wide array of opera houses, musical venues, and concert halls in Prague. Hence, this world travel guide would suggest you drop by one on your visit and experience its rich culture through music and performances.
  9. Dine Czech-style. The menus in Prague has caught up with the Europe's dining scene that it is slowly but surely being recognized in the gourmet world. To experience true-blue Czech cuisine, make sure to dine at Allegro (the first in Prague to earn a Michelin star), Alcron (for seafood fares), and Kampa Park (also known for its gourmet seafoods, and within close proximity to Charles Bridge).
  10. Revisit time at the Prague Castle. The Prague Castle is Europe's largest ancient castle, which is equal to 7 football fields in size. It has been around for 13 centuries and would take several days to finish exploring with its royal residences, churches, gardens, and other features within the castle grounds. Aside from the historical attractions within the castle, the architectural design is a beauty in itself.
This world travel guide of Prague in Czech Republic is only a summation of the best and recommended tourist spots in the city that you shouldn't miss. Try to explore the off-beaten track and more surprises would await you!

Maui – The Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway

Maui is known as the most popular island in the Hawaiian chain and the reason why is obvious. It is naturally gifted with breathtaking landscapes, beaches, and underwater life that makes it well suited for active travelers. If you are planning a trip to Maui in Hawaii, make sure to read this world travel guide to have a truly memorable experience on the island.

Your first stop must be to visit a Hawaiian luau. Although it may sound cliché with several other travel writers recommending that you go to one, your Hawaiian experience wouldn't be complete without it. There are many luau that you can participate in but the Old Lahaina Luau in Front Street is the most popular option there is. It is well renowned for its authentic luau festivities with lots of great food and entertainment. This, however, won't be a cheap affair, so make sure you brought your wallet with you!

Another highly recommended activity in the world travel guide to Maui consist of a drive along the legendary Road to Hana. This is the most popular road in Maui. And for good reasons. This is where you can experience the most iconic and breathtaking drive with a few stops along the way. Thus, it is perfect option for those who wish to experience as many tourist spots as possible within a limited time. For the most scenic driving experience along Road to Hana, make sure to visit during the summer months, which is from January to March.

Of course, what's a trip to Hawaii without heading to the beach? There are plenty of beaches that you can check out in Maui, but to make it easier for you to choose, you have to decide what color of beach you prefer. The Ho'okipa Beach is the perfect choice for a wintertime beach frolicking such that its waves are irresistible to windsurfers and surfers. The water, indeed, is not ideal for swimming because of the extremely rough waves.

If you want to go snorkeling, head to Ka'anapali Beach wherein you can get upclose and personal with the underwater life. Make sure to snorkel in the morning because that is the best time to experience them to the fullest. If you do not have your own snorkeling or diving gears with you, no need to worry because there are many hotels and dive shops within the area that will allow you to rent their gears. If you are not too active of a tourist and simply looking for a beach to unwind to, Wailea Beach is perfect for you. There are cabanas and lounges that you can lay on to feel the wind from the ocean or watch the sunset.

The natural beauty of Maui indeed encourages tourists to make the most of it with eco-tourism activities. This world travel guide has a few suggestions, such as visiting one of many botanical gardens to mingle freely with various species of fauna as well as tropical exotics that are found only in this side of the world. Or, you can go whale watching from November until May. The waters surrounding the island of Maui was recognized by the congress as a marine sanctuary in 1992. Thus, you must make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join excursions and be as close as 100 yards to these giant sea creatures. Other more extreme nature activities you can enjoy in this Hawaiian vacation include parasailing or zip lining. Meanwhile, you can join hiking excursions at Ke'anae Arboretum, Haleakala National Park, and the Iao Valley State Park.

To cap off your wild adventures in Maui, you can dine and enjoy some unique Hawaiian cuisines as the city is known as the state's dining capital. There is a diverse range of cuisine to choose from like international cuisines and west or south Maui cuisines usually featuring fresh seafoods. Most restaurants also have an open-air dining experience, often overlooking the seafront.

Ready to embark on a vacation to Maui? Take note of the activities and destinations listed in this world travel guide to make the most of this experience and come back rejuvenated.

World Travel Guide To Aruba

Aruba might be the smallest of the Caribbean islands but it is also the most popular and frequented by tourists. Its southwest coast, specifically, is popular because it is vibrant with casinos, hotels, white sand beaches, and marine life. It also has a daily average of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, which provides an ideal climate to relax since it is neither too hot nor too cold. Prepare your budget though because a vacation to Aruba isn't an inexpensive fare. Read more of this world travel guide to experience the best of this Caribbean trip.

It comes as no surprise that a Caribbean island such as Aruba is known for its seafoods, but this is one reason in itself to visit the island. Whether you want shellfish, crabs, fresh fish, or other kinds of seafoods, you will surely find a restaurant that serves it up to tourists in Aruba. Aside from an abundance of local Aruba restaurants, there is also a reasonable amount of American chain restaurants for those who miss staple foods at home.

The sun and sand of Aruba is among the world's best, which is why its tourism-centric economy has managed to thrive. There are plenty of beaches in Aruba so it is important to point out the best ones to make choosing much easier for you. Baby Beach, for instance, features shallow and calm waters that is ideal for timid swimmers, or those who just want to dip in the cool waters. Many locals even frequent this beach during laid back days. An important reminder for tourists: bring your own towels and gears because there are no facilities here to cater to those. You will, however, find refreshments on-site if you want to cool off with some tropical drinks.

Another perfect beach for swimming is Rodgers Beach. However, this one gets an edge because it is also a perfect spot for snorkeling. If you want to stay for the night, there is also some live entertainment for you to jam with. For the best of the best, Aruba's Eagle Beach is recognized by popular travel magazines as among to world's top 10 beaches due to its stretch of powdery white sand. Aside from swimming, you can enjoy several beach and water activities here. Last but certainly not the least in this world travel guide on the best beaches in Aruba is Palm Beach. Several resorts and hotels line up the stretch of Palm Beach, which makes it real convenient for tourists to check out the beach or go for stroll and swim.

Whether you want to go sightseeing or experience the rich culture of this majestic island, Aruba has enough choices of wonderful attractions for you. Alto Vista Chapel is one of them, which was first established by the Indians and Spanish 250 years ago. Alto Vista is aptly named because it sits atop a cliff overlooking the sea. Another historical site is Archaeological Museum of Aruba that houses several artifacts that will tell the story of the history of Aruba and its original inhabitants.

Aruba is the heart of many natural attractions like Arikok National Wildlife Park. The park makes up 20% of the entire island's ground area wherein you can go on a hike or excursion. If you would like to hike on your own, that shouldn't be a problem because the trails are well-maintained. You can also take this opportunity to get a first-hand look at many of the unique species in the area. When your day of strolling and frolicking is over, dine with some of the best restaurants in Aruba such as Senor Frog's, Garufa Cigar & Cocktail Lounge, Mambo Jambo, and Charlie's Bar & Restaurant, among others.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, there are plenty of outdoor activities to fill your time such as wind surfing, kite surfing, mountain biking, land sailing, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, and body boarding, to name a few. The nightlife in Aruba is also a great way to cap off your day with plenty of night club destinations and be among the locals. Soprano's Piano Bar in an open-aired trendy destination located among the hotels in Palm Beach. For a nightlife that is spiced up with Aruban personality, Tattoo Party Cruise is the place to be. Eat as much as you can and then move on to the dance floor once you are fully stuffed. They place various kinds of music ranging from disco hits to Latin rhythms. Plus, their drinks are cheap too!

There are more things you can do at Aruba than this world travel guide can discuss. Make sure to plan your vacation well and ahead of time so you can make the most of this experience.

Spain's Gem: Barcelona

When talking about the best vacation spots in Europe, or the world for that matter, Barcelona is one of those cities that will never go amiss in the list. It is fittingly dubbed as the Mediterranean jewel with an all-in-one package of offerings that will delight all types of tourists. The country is also rich in over 2,000 years of history so you will be in awe at what you can find at literally every corner. This world travel guide will show you exactly what you need to do and where you had to go when in Barcelona to make the most of your stay.

An integral part of Barcelona's identity as a tourist destination and a Spanish city is its artistic and architectural tradition. Indeed, there are plenty of cultural and sightseeing attractions that you can find in the city with most of them several centuries old. Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia or Church of the Sacred Family is among those religious and architectural sites in Barcelona that you must include in the itinerary. Another famous work of Gaudi is Casa Mila, which is an apartment complex visited by lots of tourists in this Spanish city. Other cultural sites and attractions that you can check out include La Seu or Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, Barri Gotic, Las Ramblas, Picasso Museum, and the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

If you are not the one to be interested in cultural or historical sites, don't fret because the Barcelona world travel guide has more options for you. The gourmet delights of Barcelona, for instance, is one of those that has drawn lots of tourists in this side of the world. Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria is a shopping center that is also a go-to place for all those who love food. This 17th century plaza is home to bakers, farmers, and all those culinary masters that offer their unique Spanish culinary treats to visitors. The plaza is lined up with restaurants and bars so you can take your pick according to budget and individual preferences.

But if you want a more exciting way to get your fill on the city's gourmet delights, why not participate in Barcelona walking tours? The entire walking tour usually lasts for up to 2 hours with an option to have either an English- or Spanish-speaking tour guide. Stops will generally include Granja Viader, Carrer de Petritxol, and Cafe d'la Opera. But if you have a sweet tooth, you will be thrilled to sample some of the sweet treats at two of Barcelona's most famous chocolate and pastry shops Pastisseria Escriba and Xocolateria Fargas.

The nightlife in Barcelona is also something that you should try to experience once in a while. Most new tourists to the city are surprised to know that they do have a vibrant nightlife. World travel guide suggests visiting between May to October wherein beach bars (or locally known as chiringuitos) line up the urban beaches as locals and tourists partake in a night of frivolity. Barcelona's nightlife is indeed characterized by great music, exciting bars, and eccentric characters that you will surely remember long after you've left.

And to relax after a wild night, you can take a stroll along the beaches of Barcelona or have a dip in the blue Mediterranean waters. If you want to have a truly relaxing time, take your pick from any of the following beaches: Bogatell Beach, Barceloneta Beach, St Pol de Mar Beach, Ocata Beach, and Sitges Beach. Don't miss out on the chance to experience some down time after a hectic shopping and strolling all over the city.

Take note of this world travel guide to be among the locals and experience everything that this city has gotten famous for!